I have confirmed another month assignment at Hill Street B&B helping Kelly and Jay Phelps.  It has been fun to use their home-grown veggies for breakfast recipes.  Since I love to bake, Kelly given me a number of her cookie and bread recipes to make to help free up some of her time.  They also have acquired a new, permanent, furry resident named Sheba!  She is the cutest, little gray cat that Caesar has taken under his paw as a new friend. Hopefully, my assistance has proven valuable enough that they’ll keep Amazing Innkeeper Relief, LLC on board for a while!

Yesterday's Inn

I had the wonderful opportunity to make a B&B visit today at Yesterday’s Inn in Spearfish, SD while touring the Black Hills.  I met the owner who unfortunately informed me that they are closing at the end of August!  How sad I was since this is a very cool property in the heart of Spearfish.  She was very kind and said she would be happy to share Amazing Innkeeper Relief, LLC information to other area owners that she has been working with for years.

The Parsonage Bed & Breakfast

I just completed my second assignment at The Parsonage Bed & Breakfast last week and I had another wonderful experience, I as always do!  Even though the temperature was in the nineties+ every day, the new A/C system was working well!  I really enjoy cooking in the kitchen here.  Since Craig loves to cook, it is fully stocked with everything an interim innkeeper to ask for.  A new suite has been added since my last assignment that adds alot to the types of room available.  It’s on the 3rd floor, has a King bedroom, bath with shower, huge common area with queen futon and 2 twin beds under each alcove on opposite sides of the room.  TV, movies, refrigerator, round table for four and a desk complete this ‘Reverend’s Retreat’! I’ve been asked to return in several weeks so Craig and his wife, Kathy, can attend an event in Chicago.  I’m very lucky to have this property so close to my home – about 10 minutes away!  I hope they’ll continue to use my services and take alot more time off!

Over Father’s Day weekend I attended the Fyr Ball in Ephraim.  We stayed at the Village Green Lodge where the innkeepers, Sue and Steve Sherman, took very good care of us! The breakfasts are devine and the weather behaved nicely.  I introduced the services of Amazing Innkeeper Relief to Sue and she was delighted to know about my business of helping owners take time away from the hectic life of an innkeeper. They have such a comfortable setting and the perfect location, I’d love to have the opportunity to step in when they need some time off.

I just finished the first set of my assignment at Hill Street Bed & Breakfast  and a great time was had by all!  We had record-breaking heat in the nineties everyday, which makes Amazing Innkeeper Relief truly stand out as a needed service.  For the 1st week of June in Wisconsin, that’s pretty warm!  My first guest was from Minnesota and had been visiting her daughter in Appleton.  She was taking a tour of Taliesin during her stay and just needed some time to relax before heading home.  I had a couple travelling back home to Concord, MA who also wanted to see the beautiful area around Spring Green.  They scheduled a 4 hour walking tour of Taliesin on the day the temperature hit 98 degrees!  Thank goodness for air conditioning and a nice, cool glass of peach tea!  They left after a sumptuous breakfast, refreshed and ready for the long drive home.  Interim innkeeping came in very handy for the owners these past couple of days so they could take some well-deserved time off.

I have just confirmed an ongoing assignment for Kelly and Jay Phelps at Hill Street B&B in Spring Green!   I was their interim innsitter last summer and loved it!  I am so excited to return for a couple of days a week for several weeks each month through the fall.  I still have plenty of visits and contacts to make to fill the in-between days and weeks, but this ‘job sharing’ with Kelly is a great opportunity for both of us.  Amazing Innkeeper Relief is excited and honored to have a repeat client and located in such a beautiful area of Wisconsin to boot!  I am really looking forward to it!


A few miles out of the hustle and bustle of Dubuque is the small town of Durango, Iowa.  If you’re looking for a serene and peaceful surrounding, Quiet Walker Lodge is it!  Driving up the hill on the gravel road as you come around the bend is this magnificent lodge that appears.  The owner, Linda, came out on the balcony when I pulled up to greet me!  She gave me a quick tour of the lodge starting in a common area where there is a waterfall and koi pond available for all to enjoy!

I would certainly love to be the innsitter here when Amazing Innkeeper Relief services are requested to give Carol and Mike Chalberg, the innkeepers, a break!