Over Father’s Day weekend I attended the Fyr Ball in Ephraim.  We stayed at the Village Green Lodge where the innkeepers, Sue and Steve Sherman, took very good care of us! The breakfasts are devine and the weather behaved nicely.  I introduced the services of Amazing Innkeeper Relief to Sue and she was delighted to know about my business of helping owners take time away from the hectic life of an innkeeper. They have such a comfortable setting and the perfect location, I’d love to have the opportunity to step in when they need some time off.

I just finished the first set of my assignment at Hill Street Bed & Breakfast  and a great time was had by all!  We had record-breaking heat in the nineties everyday, which makes Amazing Innkeeper Relief truly stand out as a needed service.  For the 1st week of June in Wisconsin, that’s pretty warm!  My first guest was from Minnesota and had been visiting her daughter in Appleton.  She was taking a tour of Taliesin during her stay and just needed some time to relax before heading home.  I had a couple travelling back home to Concord, MA who also wanted to see the beautiful area around Spring Green.  They scheduled a 4 hour walking tour of Taliesin on the day the temperature hit 98 degrees!  Thank goodness for air conditioning and a nice, cool glass of peach tea!  They left after a sumptuous breakfast, refreshed and ready for the long drive home.  Interim innkeeping came in very handy for the owners these past couple of days so they could take some well-deserved time off.

I have just confirmed an ongoing assignment for Kelly and Jay Phelps at Hill Street B&B in Spring Green!   I was their interim innsitter last summer and loved it!  I am so excited to return for a couple of days a week for several weeks each month through the fall.  I still have plenty of visits and contacts to make to fill the in-between days and weeks, but this ‘job sharing’ with Kelly is a great opportunity for both of us.  Amazing Innkeeper Relief is excited and honored to have a repeat client and located in such a beautiful area of Wisconsin to boot!  I am really looking forward to it!


A few miles out of the hustle and bustle of Dubuque is the small town of Durango, Iowa.  If you’re looking for a serene and peaceful surrounding, Quiet Walker Lodge is it!  Driving up the hill on the gravel road as you come around the bend is this magnificent lodge that appears.  The owner, Linda, came out on the balcony when I pulled up to greet me!  She gave me a quick tour of the lodge starting in a common area where there is a waterfall and koi pond available for all to enjoy!

I would certainly love to be the innsitter here when Amazing Innkeeper Relief services are requested to give Carol and Mike Chalberg, the innkeepers, a break!

Another corner mansion right downtown in Dubuque is the Redstone Inn.  The wonderful Victorian architecture is striking to look at! I walked up the curved stairway with a custom cast iron railing and entered through solid wood front doors.  I walked in to the entryway and was greeted by Claire, the niece of the owner.  She was very gracious and took my Amazing Innkeeper Relief information to pass on to Robert, the owner, when he gets back.  I quickly explained that I am a certified interim innkeeper and available when they need time away.  I gave her a package of my baked treats to enjoy and will wait anxiously to return when they want help!

Up the hill on the bluff was my next visit to the Hancock House Bed & Breakfast Inn.  Wow!  What a breathtaking view of Dubuque and the Mississippi River from the front porch!  Susan, the owner, invited me in so I could drop off my Amazing Innkeeper Relief information for her perusal.  They have run this B&B for 16 years and it sounds like they have a busy, Mother’s Day weekend booked too.  Susan was very kind to briefly visit with me about where they like to travel to when they take time off.  She agreed that you never know when you might need help or want to take some time off.  I’d be happy to come back and discuss any innsitting possibilities another day when things slow down some!

A change of pace today headed me westward ho.  Off to Dubuque, Iowa where my first stop downtown was The Mandolin Inn Bed & Breakfast.  This beautiful, Edwardian Inn is located on a corner lot and has a very inviting, wrap-around front porch.  Unfortunately, my hopes of introducing Amazing Innkeeper Relief was not going to happen today because no one was home when I stopped by.  I left my card at the front door for the innkeeper, Amy Boynton.  Lucky for me, she did find my note and called me later in the afternoon.  On my way home, I did get to chat very briefly with her by phone so she is aware that a certified interim innkeeper is not far away and available to help her out when she needs a break.

My last stop in Milwaukee yesterday was incredibly fun!  I pulled up to the Schuster Mansion bed & breakfast to all kinds of activity.  I was greeted by the very upbeat and pleasant owner/proprietor Laura Sue Mozier, as new carpeting was being brought in for the dining room!  In the midst of furniture moved around to accommodate laying the carpet, she instantly invited me in for a tour.  This property is full of history and has been beautifully renovated, room by room.  Her experience as an interior decorator has brought such beauty to this mansion.  They are holding a high tea this afternoon (first Thursday of every month) that would be wonderful to experience.  Laura Sue is full of life and information about this home and the area.  Even the family pets, Isaac and Winston, were happy to show me their ballroom home on the top floor!  This would be a really cool place to innsit, and Amazing Innkeeper Relief will be ready when a well-deserved vacation is scheduled here at the Schuster Mansion!

The next property to introduce my innsitting services to was the Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast near downtown Milwaukee.  A beautiful place this is – sitting high up on a corner lot.  The innkeeper, Tonja, was not home when I stopped by, but Anita answered the door and was gracious when I gave her Amazing Innkeeper Relief information and my baked goodies to enjoy!  I will be happy to schedule a return visit when the need for a certified interim innsitter is requested.

This week’s B&B visits started out heading east towards Milwaukee.  Since it was the first sunny day in a while, I turned off the interstate, drove through the city of Oconomowoc and found my way to The Inn at Pine Terrace.  A prestigous-looking mansion, I rang the doorbell and innkeeper, John Gresley, happily invited me in!  We briefly chatted about Amazing Innkeeper Relief and the work of an interim innsitter.  I gave him an idea of the services that I provide and he seemed glad to know I am certified.  My innsitting experience will come in handy when they need some time off from the Inn.  Hopefully I’ll be contacted for an assignment here soon!