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A beautiful, March day sent me to Cambridge, Wisconsin to make some marketing visits and see which businesses might be open.  My 1st stop was at Lake Ripley Lodge B&B where I was greeted by the owner, Jim Hoiby as he was washing windows for a busy weekend booking.  As I introduced myself and Amazing Innkeeper Relief services, he invited me in for the nickel tour of the lodge.  The view of the lake off the front porch is stunning, even if there is still ice trying to melt in the sun today.  The porch is a gorgeous wrap-around with plenty of comfortable seating and tables for breakfast when the weather permits.  Jim was very friendly and informative as we walked through he shared a bit of history with each room.  I sure hope he and his wife, Jan, will allow me to take over so they can take more time off in Arizona later this year!


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My next stop on this sunny, March day was the Oscar H. Hanson House B&B just one block off Main Street in downtown Cambridge.  A distinguished-looking Victorian mansion was easy to find and I was able to pull in to their off-street parking lot very easily.  No one was home this afternoon, but I didn’t have an appointment set to let them know I was coming to introduce Amazing Innkeeper Relief.  I left a note inside the door of their glassed-in entrance in hopes they’ll give me a call to return and meet them in person!  It sure looks like a fabulous place to relax and enjoy.

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